HOLA! My name is Aleksandr, I`m a graphic/shader programmer and videogame developer. Welcome to the world of scripts and stunning visuals!

You can see some of my projects below:


This is my Unity Asset called “Stars Symphony”:

Dive into the infinite space with ‘Stars Symphony’, your one-click ticket to mesmerizing cosmic skies in Unity! This powerful asset harnesses the magic of procedural generation to deliver awe-inspiring nebulas with ease. Whether you’re crafting a space exploration game, a sci-fi adventure, or simply craving breathtaking backdrops, ‘Stars Symphony’ empowers you to effortlessly create captivating celestial scenes. From twinkling star clusters to majestic nebulae, let your imagination soar among the stars with ‘Stars Symphony’!

Liquid Floor - OpenGL scene

I created a fun video demonstrating how to make a Rippled Floor scene in OpenGL from scratch both video and full Github code can be found here as well.

Morning Coffee - GLSL Shader
(no textures)

I took an inspiration from the morning drink that keeps us all “alive” and wrote this shader on Code and demonstrational video can be found below.

The Dawn - GLSL Shader
(no textures)

If you like morning sun, this shader is for you. I found of shaders without textures so this one is no exclusion!

Lotus - GLSL Shader
(no textures)

Lotus is an amazing flower. In appreciation of its beauty, I wrote this shader. I hope you like it!

For any inquiries, please send email to: